Find quick answers to commonly asked questions about our products and services in our FAQ section, designed to streamline your experience and provide clarity. 

How to get started with the Air Quality Doctor app?

Here is a quick start guide video. 

Here is the link to detailed manual


How to calibrate the sensors?
Follow the below steps to calibrate the sensors.
  1. Keep the monitor in fresh air (outdoor under roof and not under direct sunlight, not exposed to too much wind or water source. Like : Porch, Sunroom, Room with open doors to fresh air, etc)
  2. Power ON the monitor, Let the TVOC values settle, at least for 10-15 mins
  3. Press the left button 3 times, the calibration starts with a buzzer sound and the values will become 0
  4. Wait for a minute, power off the monitor and bring it indoors
  5. Your monitors are now auto calibrated for VOC.
  6. The CO2 sensors get auto calibrated when kept in the fresh air for 10-15 mins as part of above VOC calibration, no additional step is needed. 
What devices will the air quality doctor app work with?

The App works only on mobile devices with bluetooth capabilities with cellular or Wi-Fi enabled. The app is available on both iOS & Android platforms (AppStore & PlayStore)

How many number of days of assessment can I do using air quality Doctor kit?

You can do an air quality assessment for up to 5 days. Our minimum recommended time is 30 mins. You can do assessments from 15 mins to 5 days. 

How do I start the assessment?

There are 2 options to start an assessment. 

Option 1 : From the Monitor : Long press the Right button on the monitor

Option 2: From the App : Click on the Start button next to the monitor from the mobile app

Once started, you will see a timer run on the monitor display screen along with a color progress bar. 

I want to leave my contact details in the customer reports - PDF and Walkthru reports - How do I do it?

Go to the Reports Settings under profile page (click on the profile image to enter the profile page). You can set up your professional profile along with your contact details and a weblink to schedule meetings with you. These will come embedded on your interactive video walkthru reports so the customers can connect with you offline after you left their site. 

How to add my products to the store for evidence based recommendation?

You can add your products to the store from Air Quality Doctor Web dashboard. 

Watch this onboarding video for details:


If you require assistance in creating visual content such as images and videos for your products, our skilled digital creatives team is available to support you at a reasonable cost. Kindly share your details and requirements with us at care@bldghealth.net, and our team will promptly reach out to help fulfill your creative needs.

How to avail the BLDG store subscription? Why am I asked to set up payment?
  1. If you bought a kit, the redeem code would be pasted inside the top foam of your kit. You can scan it to activate your subscription. 
  2. The first year subscription is FREE with the kit purchase. You can set up the payment method for future renewals, we will notify before the second year charge is posted. 
  3. You can also opt to skip the payment set up during activation and set it up later when it's time for renewal. 
Explain the Freemium and Premium subscription plans.

Freemium Features:

  • Conduct air quality
  • Ability to manage
    monitor(s) from
    mobile App
  • Generate reports as
  • Ability to share reports
    with customers

Premium Features:

  • All freemium features
  • Generate video walkthru reports
  • Personalized customer reports
  • Call To Action customization
  • Your brand customization in the reports
  • Access to reports history
  • Access to BLDG Store - Upload/Favorite/Auto
    Recommend your products in customer reports with evidence based on their air quality assessment result
  • Ability to promote all products and brands you carry
  • Ability to set privacy - Your Technicians see only your products to present
  • Sales analytics & Intelligence
  • Centrally manage all air quality doctor
    accounts in your organization
  • Customer report usage summary
  • Technician tracking